Red Light Therapy Device, Removable Tip, 5 Wavelengths (460nm 630nm 660nm 850nm 900nm), Blue Red Infrared Light Therapy Torch for Pain Relief on Body, Mouth, Nose and Ear

Product name:Red light flashlight
Material:304 stainless steel
Actual power:10W
Light bulb number:5pcs(460nm+630nm+660nm+850nm+900nm)
Service:Support OEM/ODM
Automatic timing:3 minutes


Two ways to use our light therapy device:
With additional tip for pain relîef and in-flâmmation reduction inside the nose, mouth or ear;
Without tip for larger areas on body including neck, hand, foot, back, knee, face, shoulder, wrist and finger etc.

The first mode is a combo of all 470nm, 630nm 660nm 850nm and 900nm for pain reduction and in-flammation relief. The second mode is 630nm 660nm red and 850nm 940nm near-infrared light therapy for targeted pain relief. The third mode is separate 470nm blue light therapy for in-flammation reduction.

1.OEM services:
We welcome everyone to get customized services. The sample time of customized products is about 15 days, and the delivery time is about 30 days. If you order 100 sets in bulk,you can choose LOGO,instructions,wavelength,light bulb number,size,power, packaging customization according to your needs, we will provide you with the best service.(Customization needs to be paid.)
2.ODM services:
We have a professional designer team. If you are looking for a prototype or mass-produced product for a specific project, we can help you realize your vision.