Meridian Brush,Red Light Skin Therapy, Red Photothermal Back Massager, Control Panel Health Scraping Device Slimming Body Brush For Radiant & Smoother Skin

Gua Sha therapy: With micro-current heating function, it helps to promote blood circulation, clear liver and gallbladder meridians, this massage brush has obvious effect on relieving joint and muscle pain, and can also eliminate back and leg fatigue, and can also promote women’s menstrual period. Good for blood circulation, back pain and pain, it can even make you slimmer.

Advantages: The four major advantages of this micro-electric health meridian brush include vibration massage, micro-electric dredging, thermal energy dredging, and penetration. Effectively promote blood circulation, accelerate human metabolism, and improve immunity.

Wide range of use: This micro-electric health meridian brush can not only be used at home to relax the body and relieve fatigue, but also suitable for beauty salons, with better professional use

Safety: This product can be applied to all parts of the human body. It is safe and reliable, easy to operate and suitable for professional or personal use. We strive to provide quality service to our customers. Please buy with confidence.

1.OEM services:
We welcome everyone to get customized services. If you order 100 sets in bulk,you can choose LOGO,wavelength,light bulb number,size,power, packaging customization according to your needs, we will provide you with the best service.(Customization needs to be paid.)
2.ODM services:
We have a professional designer team. If you are looking for a prototype or mass-produced product for a specific project, we can help you realize your vision.


Product name:Meridian Brush
Service:Support OEM/ODM
Operation mode:Button
Display mode:Light on
Temperature/Vibration setting range:6 levels adjustable