Red Light Anti Aging Devices 45W LED Red Light Panel Deep 660nm and Near Infrared Panel 850nm LED Light Combo for Skin Beauty

Product name:Red light panel
Wavelength:660nm 850nm combo chipset
Service:Support OEM/ODM


Prevents muscle soreness and fatigue :
Crimson and near-infrared light helps boost antioxidants that play a central role in reducing oxidative stress associated with muscle fatigue
Tissues are receiving more oxygen and other nutrients important for healing, while also scavenging their own toxic products.

Relieve joint pain and inflammation :
660nm deep red stimulates cell repair, accelerates cell metabolism and capillary blood circulation, and relieves pain.
Near-infrared 850nm penetrates the skin, stimulates dermal cells, promotes metabolism, improves cell vitality and regeneration, and accelerates wound healing.

1.OEM services:
We welcome everyone to get customized services. The sample time of customized products is about 15 days, and the delivery time is about 30 days. If you order 100 sets in bulk,you can choose LOGO,instructions,wavelength,light bulb number,size,power, packaging customization according to your needs, we will provide you with the best service.(Customization needs to be paid.)
2.ODM services:
We have a professional designer team. If you are looking for a prototype or mass-produced product for a specific project, we can help you realize your vision.