What is light therapy?

10 years ago, light therapy was when you sat in front of a big white light box to get rid of the symptoms of SAD. Today, light therapy is much, much more than that.
Granted, the most popular kind of light therapy is still bright light therapy for SAD and depression treatment. It works. And if you or anyone you love is suffering from depression, please do not hesitate to try it.
Second to this, now, is red light therapy. Red light therapy is usually sought after for it’s anti-aging effects, but it has profound benefits for wound care, healing and pain relief as well.
Next we have blue light therapy, which has almost become a mainstream acne treatment. Blue light kills all kinds of nasty bacteria, even the antibiotic resistant variety, giving new hope to sufferers of long standing staph and MRSA infections.
Why do you need light therapy?
We are solar powered beings. Our eyes allow us to see, yes, but they also collect light and deliver it straight into our brains. That same light comes into direct contact with our blood on the way.
Our skin, our largest organ by far, absorbs light and produces Vitamin D – something vital for life and well being, and something you really can’t get naturally from anything else but exposure to sunlight.
Light is Like Food
To our minds and bodies, light is like food. Whole food can be broken down into different vitamins and minerals and things. Well, sunlight can also be broken down – into different colors. Hundreds of them. And just like the micro nutrients in whole food, each color in sunlight has it’s own positive effect on us. More importantly, the absence of each color has it’s own negative effect on us. We need natural sunlight to thrive, to be healthy, to be happy.
Light therapy is actually just correcting the effects of a lack of natural light in our lives.

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