Laser & Led

When it comes to red light therapy, many people may think that lasers are more effective than LEDs. You may also have heard that only lasers work.

However, this view was refuted in a major study published in 1989. The study was authored by Dr. Jeffrey R. Basford of the Mayo Clinic’s Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. It’s titled “Low-Level Laser Therapy: Controversy and New Research Findings.”

Basford’s discovery revolutionized what we knew about light and laser therapy. Until then, it was believed that the laser was the most important aspect of the light therapy effect. However, Basford identified properties of light, not lasers. LEDs have been determined to generate enough energy to encourage the body to respond, which includes many different positive outcomes, not least healing. It offers the same advantages as lasers, but avoids the disadvantages of lasers. Therefore, LLLT of LEDs was determined to be equally effective, but much gentler than lasers.

It is now agreed that red and infrared light therapy can be done with any light source. This science is now officially known as “photobiomodulation”.

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