What Is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is a photochemical action. Practice has proved that red light is mainly absorbed by the mitochondria of cells. Mitochondria are the “lungs” of cells, so they can fundamentally change the metabolism and circulation of cells, thereby improving the metabolism of the entire tissue and organs, and even the system, so it has a wide range of treatments and high efficacy. Many people use red light therapy to restore muscles or maintain healthy skin. It’s also been used to improve sleep, reduce inflammation, and increase mental sharpness.

What is red light therapy good for?

·Increase your energy
·Combat aging and make your skin healthier, reduce wrinkles
·Help get rid of cellulite
·Speed up fat loss
·Improve muscle recovery and athletic performance
·Improve mood and cognitive function
·Speed up healing from injury
·Improve metabolism and hormonal health

What kind of light is good for?

These are the five types of bioactive light in humans:

1.Blue light—sets the circadian rhythm in our brain, which in turn regulates numerous different neurotransmitters and hormones

2.UV light—allows us to synthesize vitamin D from the sun

3.Far-infrared—acts to heat up our cells (this is the part of the sun’s spectrum that you feel as heat) which stimulates changes in cell function,as well as circulation changes

4.Red light—acts on the mitochondria in our cells to stimulate increased cellular energy (ATP) production

5.Near-infrared (NIR)—acts on the same pathways as red light—particularly in the mitochondria in our cells to stimulate increased cellular energy (ATP) production

Does red light therapy work for weight loss ?

The exact mechanisms of how this happens are still debated among researchers, but numerous studies have shown that red/NIR light can stimulate the release of fatty contents from fat cells, and ultimately, lead to body fat loss.
For example, the red light belt of shine era can shrink waistline and liberate fat from cells so it can be burned again.

How to use red light therapy at home?

Dose = optical power density * time

J/cm²=mW/cm²*time (seconds)*0.001

Generally, different doses are used depending on whether the skin or muscle is being treated, and the range should be between 3J/cm²and 50J/cm².

Dose calculation:

1J/cm²= 25mW/cm²  work for 40 seconds

       50mW/cm²  work for 20 seconds

       75mW/cm²  work for 15 seconds

       100mW/cm² work for 10 seconds

Irradiation distance:

Recommended irradiation distance of 6 inches (15.24cm) or more (to reduce EMF electromagnetic field exposure)

Recommended optical power density:

6 inches(15.24cm)90mW/cm²

12 inches(30.46cm)55-65mW/cm²

18 inches(45.72)35-45mW/cm²

24 inches(60.96)25-30mW/cm²

The recommended dose for skin surface treatment is 3-15J (recommended less than 50mW/cm², high power and long-distance irradiation are recommended);10-60J is recommended for deep tissue therapy (recommended irradiation distance is 6 inches for 2-7 minutes, 12 inches for 5-10 minutes, and it is not recommended to exceed 12 inches)

Frequency of use: 3-7 times a week

Red light therapy panel

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Led mask
Anti-aging effects in the skin (enhancing collagen synthesis, production, and elastin production for youthful skin and dramatically reducing cellulite),Enhancing physical performance and muscle recovery afterward
Red light therapy hat
Spurring neurogenesis in the human brain, strengthening synapses,
spurring brain cell growth,Hair care, hair loss prevention, headache relief

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