What is EMS Microcurrent?

Micro-Current Beauty (EMS): Micro-current is a low-level electrical current that stimulates the face by sending gentle electrical waves through the skin and tissue to the facial muscles. Microcurrent has been shown to stimulate ATP production, stimulate the vitality of facial muscles and promote collagen and elastin production.

Microcurrent (EMS) is the use of microcurrents to stimulate muscle movement and accelerate collagen synthesis in the face. When using microcurrent, conductive glue should be used as the medium. The function of the gel is to introduce microcurrents into the body. Under normal circumstances, the human body cannot feel the electric current introduced into the body. Instead, it felt more tingling, indicating that the current was not introduced directly into the body and bounced off the surface of the person’s skin, creating the current. Stinging, gel should be added to introduce current. The microcurrent experience feels very subtle and usually doesn’t interfere with normal use with braces and a small amount of metal implants.

Micro Current (EMS), this is not China Post, but a mode of beauty equipment. It mainly uses weak currents to stimulate muscles and lymph to contract muscles to reduce edema and lift tension, but what are the hidden advantages of microcurrents? You may not know.

Human aging is divided into several steps. It is not the wrinkles that appear first, but the “slump, sagging” of the skin. This change is more terrifying than wrinkles, because even skin whitening or tenderness is futile.

Wrinkles originate from the folds of the dermis layer. After the loss of collagen and elastin, the skin will partially collapse and appear sunken, forming a true wrinkle. Sagging skin is caused by the aging of the fascia layer, like face-lift surgery that folds the fascia and repositions it to achieve anti-aging effects. Therefore, in daily skin care, special attention should be paid to anti-aging.

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