Are Infrared Physiotherapy Pads Useful ?

Infrared physiotherapy pads can play a role, mainly relying on the thermal effect of infrared rays, which is simply the heating effect. The temperature of the part irradiated by infrared rays increases, which improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles.

We all know that blood circulation is very important to various tissues and organs of the body. It can take away the metabolic wastes produced by the body, and at the same time bring oxygen and other nutrients to the tissues and organs.

For some wounds, moderate infrared irradiation can increase local blood circulation, bring more nutrients and promote wound healing. Chronic pains such as osteoarthritis and frozen shoulder are mostly caused by aseptic inflammation. Local warming can promote blood circulation, take away metabolic waste faster, and relax muscles to relieve pain.

Physiotherapy pads that can only heat the skin, the effect is not enough

From the outside to the inside, our skin can be divided into epidermis, epithelium, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. Each layer has different structural tissues. For example, muscle tissue and large blood vessels are mainly concentrated in the subcutaneous tissue layer.

According to the different wavelengths, infrared can be divided into near-infrared (short-wave infrared) and far-infrared (long-wave infrared). Among them, near-infrared rays have the strongest penetration and can directly heat deep muscles and vascular tissues, and the treatment effect is also better. Far infrared rays have relatively weak penetration and are mostly absorbed by the superficial skin. If only the thermal effect of far (long wave) infrared rays is used, it is possible that the superficial skin temperature is already high, but the deep tissue is not heated “sufficiently”. Therefore, the level of near-infrared content is also an important factor affecting the effect of physical therapy pads.

Our physiotherapy pad has a sufficient amount of near-infrared light beads, which has a significant therapeutic effect. Come and try it!

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